Fun Reading

Do you read web novels? Exactly what genre do you like?  One of my hobbies are reading books. I am sort of a book worm. I can stay indoor without going out just give me a bunch of good books to read and I won’t get bored. For me, reading books is just like travelling to unknown places. The genres I like are mostly of course romance, fantasy, adventure. Lately this year, I stumbled upon translated chinese web novels…. and i got hook in it. It was my eldest son who introduced this web novels to me and luckily we have wifi at home and can indulge it in every free time that I have. Now…. wuxia, xanxia, xuanhuan are the genres that I love the most. It has everything in it, fantasy, romance and adventure. My days won’t be complete without reading a couple of chapters from the novels I have been following. One of the website I follow is wuxiaworld. It is one of the best site when in comes to translated web novels. That’s why I will make an epub of some of my favorite chinese/korean web novels and put it here in my site. I hope if someone stumbled upon my blog and read this can also enjoy reading this novel. Although of course they can also follow and read it on wuxiaworld website for free.



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